Securing Talent for the Long Haul: Employee Retention Strategies in the UAE

What is employee retention, or workforce retention?

The objective of an organization is to retain talented and productive personnel while decreasing employee turnover. This is achieved through the promotion of a positive work environment that encourages employee engagement, recognition of employees’ efforts, competitive compensation and benefits, and the encouragement of a healthy work-life balance.

Organizations place significant emphasis on employee retention during periods characterized by low unemployment rates and increased competition for skilled personnel. Organizations use human resources technology to recruit, onboard, engage, and recognize employees, in addition to providing modern benefits such as physical and financial wellness programs and greater work flexibility to retain personnel.

Why employee retention is important

Employee retention strategy is essential for workplace cohesion and team development, as it enables employees to develop mutual trust and reliance.

The departure of highly skilled personnel from an organization results in significant disadvantages, such as decreased productivity and a diminished competitive edge. High employee turnover rates can harm an organization’s mission because they can disrupt ongoing operations, result in the loss of institutional knowledge, and be expensive to replace departing employees and train their replacements. Additionally, employee departures may inspire additional personnel to depart from the organization and lower morale.

An additional adverse consequence of employee turnover is the perception of customers, who become cognizant of the constant passage of different personnel. A high rate of employee attrition generally serves as an indicator to customers that the organization or brand is flawed.

Advantages for businesses of employee retention

Employee experience and employee engagement are critical factors in preserving a positive employer-employee dynamic and retaining valuable personnel. Prominent business advantages encompass the following:

  • Increased process effectiveness: – Longer-tenured personnel are well-acquainted with the organization’s procedures and possess valuable institutional knowledge that facilitates enhanced work efficiencies and the prompt achievement of organizational objectives.
  • Increased employee productivity: – Proficient and expeditious task execution is a common attribute of seasoned personnel. The hiring of new replacements, on the other hand, almost always results in workflow disruptions and costly, protracted errors.
  • An increase in staff morale: – An environment where employees feel a sense of belonging to the organization is conducive to increased morale, work satisfaction, and consequently, performance. High rates of employee turnover may have the opposite effect.
  • Staffing expenses are reduced: – Annually, recruitment and training expenses can be substantial for businesses. Workforce retention is the most effective method for reducing those expenses.
  • Customer experiences are enhanced: – In addition to developing a relationship with one or more employees, customers tend to exhibit a strong preference for businesses where they frequently encounter familiar and friendly faces. A decrease in employee attrition can enhance favorable customer perceptions.
  • ROI and revenue have increased: – There are direct correlations between increased revenues and decreased employee turnover, improved employee morale, and enhanced employee experiences, according to several studies.

[While employee retention can be brought about by direct incentives, some other aspects are also big determinants of retention, like:

  1. Company work-culture
  2. Alignment of corporate values with personal goals
  3. Employee well-being

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