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Increasing the level of financial literacy in your organization, directly impacts productivity.

The Financial Post states that Employee financial stress is expected to have cost companies more than $40 billion in lost productivity in 2022.

Employees who experience financial stress are far less productive than those who feel confident in their financial situation. This is a heavy cost that affects businesses of all sizes all over the world.

By focusing on allevitating financial stress from employees, Yabi directly increases level of productivity within your organization!

How does Yabi impact employee retention and satisfaction?

Less likely to quit due to financial stress.

Second highest reason most employees quit is due to needing a higher-paying job, even if the current job saisfies everything else they need.

Out of those who quit due to needing a higher-paying job, over 52% do so because they can’t manage their finances correctly.

Debt, inability to access lines of credit or a loan, as well as overspenging on luxuries pushes them towards searching for a higher-paying job.

In most cases, a higher salary won’t fix their problems, because they need to get a grip on their finances and learn how to manage them correctly, and see a clear path towards their financial and material goals.


Productivity Boost from lowering financial stress.

Financial stress is the worst enemy of productivity.

Employees who feel stressed out due to their finances are much more likely to procrastinate, get distracted, show poor work performance, and lack of motivation or drive to be on their best.

Yabi helps educate them on how finances work, helps them manage their budgets and income, and helps improve their credit scores which in turn gives them a stable financial cushion, and a piece of mind when it comes to their finances.

yabi app

Yabi is the first app of its kind.


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