Get the most out of your credit cards.

Many people are aware of the dangers of getting into credit card debt, but are you aware of all the benefits of credit cards if you pay them off in full every month? From cashback to free cinema tickets, there are multiple rewards on offer.
The most popular reward is cashback. With some cards offering up to 10% cashback on purchases, as long as you pay your credit card off in full, this is a lucrative reward. However, some cards have a limit or the percentage after a certain amount.
Another popular reward is discounts on all sorts of things, from cinema tickets to airport lounges to restaurants. The best way to take advantage of this is to analyze your spending habits and choose the card with the most relevant rewards for you
Airmiles. If you travel often, using a credit card that gives airmiles might be a good option for you. As you spend, you earn airmiles which can be redeemed for partial payments of flights or upgrades.
Complimentary gifts, such as cinema tickets, gym membership and free parking. It’s worth checking out benefits in the terms and conditions of your credit card agreement as so many people overlook the extras.

Travel insurance, medical benefits and life insurance. Having these rewards with your credit card can save you expenses in other areas. Speak to your provider about these lesser-known rewards.

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