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Financial coaches

Do a 1 on 1 session with some of the best finance coaches and get personalized tips to improve and manage your finances.

Financial Health Check

Where do you stand on a scale between 0 and 100? Find out inside the app.

Credit Score Checkup

Get a Credit Score rating, along with personalized tips and courses on how to improve it.

Budgeting tools

Save up for a car, vacation, home, or get out of debt with the help of our tracking and budgeting tools.


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Financial coach

Credit score

Credit score (only in UAE)

Financial health check

House Finance



Ideal budget

Personal loan

Personal Finance

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Discover practical tips and proven methods to optimize your budget, minimize expenses, maximize savings or investments. We empower you to achieve your financial goals faster and with greater ease.

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Get one step closer to your bucket-list vacation, buying your dream home, getting a sports car, or simply calculating when can you actually retire.


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Frequently asked questions

We have put together some commonly asked questions
Is Yabi Free to use?

Yes, you can use Yabi completely free and access tools such as Ideal Budget, Financial Health Check, and our calculators such as: Retirement, Mortgage, Car loan, Debt Burden ratio, Personal Loan. You can also access some of Yabi courses for free!

How much does a Premium cost?

Yabi is free to use, with a 7 day free trial for Premium version which costs AED 13.99 AED per month, or AED 149.99 for an annual subscription. Premium gives you access to the rest of the courses, as well as advanced tools like Budgeting, and Credit Score checkup.

Are more courses coming out?

Yes, we will add 2 courses each month inside the app on various financial topics. Stay updated by signing up!

Where is Yabi available to download?

Currently, Yabi is focused on the MENA region, but you can download and use it anywhere!

Can I set my own goals?

Absolutely, Yabi is a versitile application that helps you set your own goals and work towards achieving them.

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