Our Features


Our Features

Choose your financial goals

Choose your financial goal and start your personalized learning path based on your goal, such as How to buy a house, how to improve a credit score, how to pay off your debt etc. Yabi will help you achieve your goals

Learn from the UAE's best

Embark on your financial learning path with some of UAE's best: Donna Benton, Diana Hamade, Wolf of Real Estate

Find out what your financial health score is

Are you as good at managing your money as your friends are or worse? Find out with our Financial Health check!

Find out how much money you need to retire

Have you wondered when you can stop working ? What is that magic number that you need to have and invest to live the way you do today without working? Yabi has the answer to that!



Tackle Financial Stress

61% identified financial stress as the top issue in the workplace.


Increase Employee Productivity

Employee productivity can increase by 12% when leadership invests in promoting well being at work.


Improve Employee Retention

50% have intentions to change their job in the next 12 months.



Financial coach

Get access to One on One sessions with Financial Coaches of your choice


Financial Health Check

Find out where your financial health stands on a scale of 0-100


Credit score wallet

Get 2 free AECB credit score and access to pre-approved credit cards